The Tribes of Barlethan Style Guide

Good Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures,


First, we want to quickly thank everyone who showed up to Metatopia for our final Beta test.  The data we gathered was pretty helpful and we look forward to putting it to good use.  Additionally, in to service members of the community that require accessibility accommodations, we have added the email to our site.  Should you have additional questions, suggestions or needs regarding accessibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


For today’s post I’ve decided to scrounge up some imagery on the internet in order to better portray some examples of costuming for the Tribes of Barlethan.  The different communities that claim membership within Barlethan vary from region to region.  The two things that unify them all is that their community at large shuns city life and high steam technology.  They prefer to live in the vast rural places of the northern continent using simple mechanical tools that allow them to work the land.  They are also masters of alchemy, as this is the highest expression of using the bounty of nature in order to produce wondrous effects.  Beyond that, individual member cultures vary vastly in style and dress.  Some prefer to wear only furs and leathers, while others prefer hand woven cotton and muslin.  The beads that denote their tribe of origin is the one universal they all have in common (though that could also vary in design and color),  Below are some examples, I hope they inspire you to play a Barlethan at our game.

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