The Bloodless War of House Ayanz

Good Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures,

Today’s post is a little bit of Oranous Dur Lore to whet your appetite, and also give you a sense of how recent the Oranous are as a sovereign people.

The Bloodless War

The Oranous Dur have existed as their own culture for only 68 years, prior to that all of the great houses of The Oranous Dur claimed membership in the nation of the Vuono Dur.  Their separation and insistence on being their own sovereign nation within the Forged Kingdom  came as part of the Bloodless War of 1799.  The Bloodless War was so named because it was fought fiscally rather than physically.  It was started by house Ayanz and some of its lesser allies, who had grown tired of the heavy taxes levied on steam technology and aurum ore.  Many of those supporting the cause of house Ayanz began to remove the heavy metal adornments of their beards and replacing them with feathers instead, to symbolize the removal of a great burden for a symbol of freedom.  The year long period of boycotts, company espionage, and raucous pub crawl protests eventually lead to the signing of the Brass Accord between the Oranous, Vrachos and Vuono leadership.  

Though the Oranous are the more brash and hasty of the Durish people, the seeds of discontent that lead to the Bloodless War were sewn over 200 years prior, with the invention of the very first steam powered machine in 1606.  Jethro of house Ayanz invented a machine that used steam in order to pump water from underground lakes and rivers throughout Mount Grausaule.  

The technology was quickly developed to pump water for mining purposes, which catapulted Ayanz and its allied houses into prominence.  Over the course of the next 190 years, the technology was refined by house Ayanz with the invention of the steam locomotive engine in 1781 and the first sky ship in 1796.  This progress came with a price, which was the ire of both the older Vuono Noble houses and the Vand Nisse shipping conglomerates.  

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