Surlund, Silks and Pearls

Hello Everyone!  Today’s post will be a short and sweet installment in our Confederacy of Allied Republics series.  Today we are talking Surlund.


Republic Name: Surlund

Capital City: Sharjah

Cities of Note: Antalya, Manama

Major Commerce: Oil, Textiles

Minor Commerce: Alchemy, Fishing

Description: The republic of Surlund is the furthest south and east in all of the Confederacy of Allied Republics.  Their southern border is directly neighbored by the Goblin Kingdom in Calydon, and they are an important trading partner for both resources and alchemy.  In fact, much of the Alchemy that is shipped from Surlund to the other republics originates in goblin labs.

The city of Antalya is infamous for their weavers, and exports beautiful garments, tapestries and rugs.  Fine Antalyan Silk is much sought after in markets all across Sha’uru.  The textile factories also produce garments and cloth of linen and cotton.

In the far eastern shore, the city of Manama is a bustling port city that primarily deals in fishing and shipping interests.  Nautical scientists in Manama invented a suit and helmet 10 years ago that allows deep diving into the sea while attached to a pump apparatus housed on a boat above the diver.  This technology was quickly put to use by the pearl local pearl divers, and today Manama pearls are the world’s best. It is rumored that the diving technology is currently being applied to perfecting a submerging aetheric ship, though no such ship has been seen.  

The capital of Surlund, Sharjah, is located on the center north shore of the republic, to facilitate travel to and from Chester and Agrinion.

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