Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Sentient Creatures and Ladies,

Today we are going to take yet another look at one of the 13 Republics, Greisslund (pronounced Gro-ice-luund).
Republic Name: Greisslund
Capital City: Ingolstadt
Cities of Note: Aschaffenburg, Rorsenheim
Major Commerce: Metal Refinery, Manufacturing
Minor Commerce: Chemicals, Artifice

Description: Greisslund is located to the west of Chester on the eastern side of the Blackwater sea. It is located on the north shore of the Parma strait and is separated from Chester by a large swath of wild lands. Greisslund has a varied landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and Sorth Sea beaches. It has deep history and is the second oldest of the republics. Ingolstadt, its capital, is home to art and nightlife scenes. Aschaffenburg, it’s second largest city on the north end of the Republic, is home to renowned physicist Dr. Eddard-Ludwig Von Isenbart and the Republic Institute of Physical Sciences. The mountains of Greisslund are very rich in ore and the republic is known for its high quality metal products. The people of Greisslund are known for being very organized and disciplined, which is reflected by how highly bureaucratic the republic is as a whole. Merchants transporting goods into Greisslund often find it more cost effective to bribe local officials rather than to spend the time filling out the various forms and carrying the appropriate permits to do business.

Blackwater Republic

Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are going to take another quick look at one of the 13 Republics, Blackwater.

Republic Name: Blackwater
Capital City: Newcastle-upon-Blackwater
Cities of Note: Gateshead, Salford
Major Commerce: Shipping
Minor Commerce: Chemicals, Fishing

Description: Blackwater is the only Republic that spans the two continents of Lerna and Calydon. The capital city of Newcastle-upon-Blackwater is built on both ends of the Blackwater strait, that connects the Blackwater Sea to the Western Ocean. The Greystone Bridge is one of the greatest achievements of ancient Imperial engineering, and it is what has allowed Blackwater to grow rich on tolls both overland and via the sea. All mercantile sea traffic from the west must pass through the Blackwater Sea in order to reach the Eastern Ocean. Goods traveling to and from the Elven and Dwarven settlements via land from the western Republics must also pass through the Greystone Bridge. As the Republic occupies the land directly east and west of the strait for several hundred miles they have grown rich on the tolls and levies, as well as offering their shipping and ferry services. This has garnered humans from Blackwater a tarnished reputation among the Vand Nisse and Vuono Dur, as well as other humans from Occitaine, Kuanas and the western Barlethans.


Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Ladies and Sentient Creatures,

Today we feature some information on the Human Republic of Chester, which is also contains the capital seat of the republic. Enjoy!!!

Republic Name: Chester
Capital City: Brighton (Republic Captial)
Cities of Note: Rochester, Hove
Major Commerce: Manufacturing, Chemicals
Minor Commerce: Alchemy, Artifice

Description: Chester is the Jewel of the former Empire. Though not the largest of the Republics, it is the most influential and the most developed in terms of technology. It boasts several major cities, including the seat of the Republic, Brighton. All of these cities are connected via railway, though some minor airship traffic has developed in recent times. Brighton and Hove are the major port cities, with Brighton located on the far west of Chester and Hove at the far east. But being so densely populated also comes with certain drawbacks. Brighton itself has several slum neighborhoods, where the common folk toil in manual labor to survive. Whether that is done at factory jobs, in shipyards or the refineries, the wealthy routinely exploit the poor in their businesses. Many turn to crime to make ends meet, and some of the largest criminal syndicates were spawned from Brighton street gangs. Cities in Chester boast a large number of chemical refineries that are essential in mechanical and medicinal manufacturing, which means that they also have a higher incidence of pollution. The Agrinion River (which runs from Chester’s northern neighbor, through the City of Rochester, and down to Brighton along Chester’s western border) is often referred to by the common folk of both Rochester and Brighton as the Grand Latrine, because of the pollution it picks up along the way.