Hidden Skills

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Today’s post is going to be about hidden skills, aka found skills, aka whatever the final name for these skills will be. In previous posts I have discussed ways in which they could be unlocked and earned by players. In today’s post I’m going to talk a little bit about what the design philosophy is behind these skills and what players can expect stepping into the world of Sha’uru.


From where we stand as a game the purpose of these skills is to progress a character’s advancement in a direction that is informed by their role-play and core concept. It is meant to either make a character better at things they are already capable of or add skills that just make sense for the specific character. They are not meant as rules patches, they are not meant to allow people to dip their toes into areas that their character is not capable of reaching otherwise, nor is it meant as a means of cross classing. We want each character in the game to feel organic and to be part of a team, not a super character that can do it all. Because by their very nature the purpose of these skills is to be found through interacting with the game world, I find it difficult to just reveal to you what they are. At the same time I realize that it may be important for players to just have a general sense of what they can expect. So below is a list of what categories you can expect and what you will never see from these skills:


You can expect:

  • Any Ranked Skill capped within your class or on the general list having one or more additional ranks above it as a found skill. (Theory IV to V got Scientists, Tough III to IV for Mercenary, etc.)
  • Skills similar to Jump, Climb and Swim, which help to overcome module obstacles but are not covered by skills on the general list or a class list.
  • Recipes/Schematics that may be the product of a moment of discovery for the particular character.
  • Skills of an oratory nature that are not currently in the general list or class list. (Inspiration type, Bardic Type, Charm Type skills of some kind).
  • Action Skills that have a duration or role-play timer but do not have a rank II listed in the rulebook.


What you will never see:

  • Any Ranked Skill capped within your class or on the general list having one or more additional ranks above it as a found skill when additional ranks already exist in another class. (Engineers will not be able to get Theory III as a found skill because Scientists already have Theory IV, Tough III for classes with Tough II, because mercenary already has Tough III)
  • Skills that cannot be at all defended against or mitigated in some way. Everything should have a soft counter at the very least, if not a hard counter. An example of a soft counter is Willpower vs. Charm skills. An example of a hard counter is Crit vs. Parry.
  • Action Skills that make no sense to rank up, mostly because they do not have a role-play timer or a duration. For example, Disarm and Crit are fine as is, and do not need a Disarm II or Crit II.

I hope this post clarifies things for people. If you have questions, feel free to comment below, and don’t forget to like the post (or even share it if you want others to see).

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