Good Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures,

With Halloween just around the corner I though it would be fitting to do a plot lore post about Goblins in the land of Sha’Uru.  In previous posts we have discussed the current goblin kingdom in General terms, as well as slightly touched upon the Goblin surrender at the end of the Orc War in 1568 and their release from human enslavement in 1668.

For the last 200 years goblin society has developed through close partnership with the humans of the Empire (or for the last 80 years the Republics).  During the 100 year period of Goblin enslavement, there were many goblins who ran away and set up small communities in the wild places of the world.  Deep underground or in remote deserts, swamps and forests, these goblins consisted of the Goblin King and members of his court.  When the Goblin People were freed, the King at the time, Cuaitl Ixcitl The First, emerged from the wilderness and immediately consolidated his power.  Not much is known about the Goblin civil war to outsiders, but it is believed based on tangential evidence that the campaign lasted no more than a few years.  The wild goblins were more brutal than their docile cousins that grew up in the human lands, and this brutality served to place King Ixcitl in power and divide goblins into two castes.  The Ruling Caste is compromised primarily of Wild Goblins and the few captured goblins who sided with the king, while the Common Caste encompassed the rest of goblin kind.  Though there are some exceptions, surnames of the Ruling Caste tend to be traditional Goblin ones like Ixcitl, Xipetotec, Zanicoehua, and Atl.  Commoner Caste surnames tend to derive from the names given to them by humans during their time of servitude.  Surnames like Blacktooth, Sharpclaw, Rattlerasp, and Cellarscratcher.  Goblins of the commoner caste are constantly plotting and jockeying for position in order to enter the ruler caste.  Those of the ruling caste compete for the King’s favor while plotting schemes to gain prominence within the world of Sha’Uru.

It was very apparent to King Ixcitl that a campaign of force would not work to consolidate his kingdom outside of his borders.  The truce forged by the humans was too fragile, and the other races of the world far outnumbered the Goblins.  So the Goblins leveraged their talent for Alchemy, and then pressed this advantage to establish themselves.  Their greatest alchemical invention, The Homunculi, is their most profitable to date.  Within the last 50 years that Homunculi have been available for purchase, their demand has skyrocketed, as the world has become more industrialized and the rise of Aurum Steam Technology paved the way for wealthy merchants and nobles alike.  Even the Dwarves cannot deny utility of Homunculi servants, and a few of the noble houses have made purchases through secondary agents.  It is this economic boom that has allowed the current goblin King, Ixno Dynda Xipetotec, to press forward into Antioch on their own without the help of the other races and set up Vice Landing.

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