Found Skills Part 2

Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Earlier in the year we made a post about character progression beyond the basic classes and general skill list.  If you weren’t around then and want to take a read you can find the post here or here:

Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Gentlemen and Ladies, Today’s post is going to be about hidden skills, aka found…

Posted by Aurum Larp on Thursday, June 8, 2017


Today’s post is going to continue by giving you another taste.  We’ve decided give you all a peek at some (not all) of the found skills that can be learned.  We will not be revealing HOW you can achieve them, but we felt that if you get a general sense of some of the things you can achieve, then perhaps it may inspire some new character goals for you folks.  So take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.



Skill Name: Fiddle and Tinker Pre-requisites: ?????????????????
AP Cost: Permanent Skill XP Cost: 3
Description: As per Aetheric Tampering, only with Physics devices.  May not be used on Physics devices that do not have a listed duration.


Skill Name: Physician’s Call Pre-requisites: ???????????????
AP Cost: 2 XP Cost: 1
Description: Target an injured character within earshot.  So long as you continue to encourage and call out to the character they may move toward you nofaster than a jogging pace instead of a heel to toe/crawl pace.


Skill Name: Inspire Pre-requisites: ???????????
AP Cost: 2 XP Cost: 1
Description: After 5 seconds of roleplay give your target 3 temporary Action Points for 1 encounter. You may not target yourself and you may not target another with this skill more than once per encounter.


Skill Name: Gagging Strike Pre-requisites: ??????????????
AP Cost: 1 XP Cost: 3
Description: The target is silenced and unable to talk for 1 minute.  Reminder: Speech is required for all Occult ritual casting, activating the charm skill, and other similar oratory hidden skill.

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