Event Dates and Metatopia 2017

Good evening, Expeditionists!

We have two pieces of great news! First, our module for Metatopia 2017 has been scheduled. Thanks to the amazing people over at Double Exposure, Inc. we will be doing our final playtest on Saturday Nov 4 from 4p – 6p! We will be utilizing our full ruleset (not our convention rules) and asking players to roleplay with pre-generated characters of varying levels.  Our foremost goal is to get a feel of the viability and balance of varying level characters in roleplay and combat situations.  We will also still be watching out for skill interactions, power combos, enjoyment of play and so on. If you are interested in being a part of this, tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.


Secondly, we have more dates scheduled! Check out the main webpage here to see the (mostly full) schedule.  You can also view our event page to get more information about the different camps we have booked, such as the address and accommodations. We’re so excited to be so close to providing you a nearly full years worth of Steampunk-y, teamworking, magical fun!

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