Event Dates and Metatopia 2017

Good evening, Expeditionists!

We have two pieces of great news! First, our module for Metatopia 2017 has been scheduled. Thanks to the amazing people over at Double Exposure, Inc. we will be doing our final playtest on Saturday Nov 4 from 4p – 6p! We will be utilizing our full ruleset (not our convention rules) and asking players to roleplay with pre-generated characters of varying levels.  Our foremost goal is to get a feel of the viability and balance of varying level characters in roleplay and combat situations.  We will also still be watching out for skill interactions, power combos, enjoyment of play and so on. If you are interested in being a part of this, tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.


Secondly, we have more dates scheduled! Check out the main webpage here to see the (mostly full) schedule.  You can also view our event page to get more information about the different camps we have booked, such as the address and accommodations. We’re so excited to be so close to providing you a nearly full years worth of Steampunk-y, teamworking, magical fun!

23 Days Left!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen, and Sentient Creature,

Who is excited about their GoFundMe rewards?  With a little over three weeks left in the campaign we are $790 away from our first stretch goal.  If you were considering upgrading to a higher reward tier or you know someone who would love to donate to the project, we encourage you to chip in or share this and get the word out.  We’ve just gotten our first shipment of customized growlers and we couldn’t be more satisfied.  We think you folks will feel the same.

We continue to work and tweak the rulebook for release this weekend.  You’ll find there have been several quality of life changes made to the Beta Rulebook, as well as things to help clarify certain things.  For example, Races have been renamed to Species and the Halfling Species has been renamed to Goblinite to distinguish when we are referring to the Species group as a whole instead of the specific Halfling Species.  So Halflings, Kobolds, Gnomes and Homonculi are Goblinites.

A reminder that our next playtest will be on September 23rd, please let us know if you wish to attend so that we can get a proper headcount.  We’ll see you all soon!!!

At-Event Registration News

Cool News!

As of this moment, we’ll be able to take credit cards at events- swipe only though, no chip cards (sorry! working on that). We’ll still want you to pre-reg for stuff (it’ll save you money! Do eet when the time comes) but if that’s just not an option, you may not hafta worry about stopping somewhere, getting cash, and then coming to camp. Yee!