The Lands of the Forged Kingdom

Good Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures,


Today’s post will be the map of the lands of the Dur.  Unlike the Elven and human maps, we’ve had to replicate the same land mass a few times.  Since the Ouranos are in the sky and the Vrachos beneath the ground, each specific map will only outline that society’s settlement.  We also have a fourth that just shows the land without any keys.  I can’t believe we are a just a little over a week away until our premiere event.  Enjoy!


Character In-Game Lifespans

Good Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures of All Ages,


Today’s post will be about the lifespan of the sentient creatures in Sha’uru.  First, all of the major sentient species physically age at the exact same rate for the first 20 years of their lifespan.  It is after this point that their unique physiology kicks in.


Durren Lifespan: Average: 200 years, Oldest Recorded: 250 years

Socially, most Dur are considered adults at the age of 50 even though they have physically been adults for 30 years by that point.  Physically Dur are at their prime at the age of 100 and begin to reach physical decline by the age of 150.


Nisse Lifespan: Average: 350 years, Oldest Recorded: 500 years

Nisse are considered adults upon attaining the cultural marking which can be anywhere between the ages of 16 and 30.  Physically Nisse are at their prime at the age of 75 and begin to reach physical decline by the age of 325.


Human Lifespan: Average: 55 years, Oldest Recorded: 110 years

Humans are considered adults by the age of 16.  Physically Humans are at their prime at the age of 25 and begin to reach physical decline by the age of 50.  Humans have the overall second lowest average life expectancy because they tend to fall victim to disease far easier than the other species.  This is compounded by the fact that most common people work long hours in terrible factory conditions.


Goblinite (except Homunculi) Lifespan: Average: 45 years, Oldest Recorded: 90 years

Goblinites are considered adults by the age of 16.  Physically Goblinites are at their prime at the age of 20 and begin to reach physical decline by the age of 40.  Goblinites have the overall lowest average life expectancy because they tend to have very harsh lifestyles and live in remote and dangerous parts of the world (especially Gnomes).  Ironic, as most tend to be heartier than their non-goblin parent.


Homunculi Lifespan: Maximum Unknown, Homunculi were invented 50 years ago, and none have died of natural causes yet.  It is unclear if they age at all, but they can be killed.  Killing a Homunculi is considered destruction of private property of the most grievous kind.


Goblin Lifespan: Average: 120 years, Maximum Known: 650 years

Goblins do not age the same way the other species do.  In fact most theorize that Goblins do not age at all, they just become more corpulent as time progresses.  The oldest goblins have died due to “unfortunate accidents” and the ravages of war.


Orc Lifespan: Average: 40 years, Maximum Known: 60 years

Orcs are very warlike and fight amongst each other as often as they do with other species.  The above lifespans are for Orcs based on historical documents.  No one is sure if there is any physiological difference between the Orcs of Calydon and Lerna and those of Antioch.

The Occitane Gazette

Good Morning Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we will be bringing you a special treat.  Some of you who have been with us over our Alpha and Beta test period will remember that we showed examples of our in game newspaper.  The goal with this newspaper is to post one after every event, and we hope we can maintain that goal as the year progresses.  For those who may have missed our previous installments, please feel free to peruse them now:

Gazette 1

Gazette 2

Because it has been quite some time since we have posted one, today we bring you two new in game newspapers.  The first is set from a few years prior to game start, and the last is set for last month.  Please enjoy the Occitane Gazette!!!



The Tribes of Barlethan

Good Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures,

Today’s post will wrap up our series on the 13 Republics of the Confederacy of Allied Republics.  The Tribes of Barlethan are unique in that they represent a varied group of I peoples and cultures, rather than a single political state.

Republic Name: Barlethan

Capital City: Barlethan

Tribes of Note: Barlethan, Storm Crow, Sha’uru’s Children

Major Commerce: Agriculture, Lumber

Minor Commerce: Textiles, Mining



Barlethan is the largest republic in overall land mass with parts of it spanning both Lerna and Calydon.  Curiously, despite the fact that most Tribals are very skilled in the arts of Alchemy, none of them seem willing to part with it outside of their own people.  Fortunately the lands of Barlethan are rich in other natural resources that makes them excellent trading partners with the other republics.When the Silverthorn Empire was dissolved and the Confederacy of Allied Republics began to form, the elders of Barlethan recognized a golden opportunity to ensure the protection of their way of life and that of every other tribe in Lerna.  They convinced the rest of the Republics to recognize all of the tribes under a single banner and in return they would pay taxes to the confederacy like any other member Republic.  The following are some of the most famous member tribes:


Barlethan: The largest and most technologically advanced of the tribes.  They are also the most politically powerful and were the architects of having the tribes recognized in parliament.  They are also the most well educated alchemists in all of the Republics. They also bear the most resentment from smaller tribes who are not numerous enough or powerful enough to have a seat at the tribal council of Elders.


Storm Crow: The Storm Crow are known for their affinity to animals and are the best Falconers in all of Sha’Uru.  They are also known for domesticating and training hunting dogs and horses, and are excellent fishermen.  They prefer soft leather garments over cloth and are extremely good at tannery.


Sha’uru’s Children: Whether they took their tribal name from the religion, or were the originators of the religion, it is unclear, but this tribe, above all others holds very strictly to the tenants of the Children of Sha’uru.  They are naturalist and tend to live in the most remote parts of the world.  They are also well known for their horticultural knowledge, especially when it comes to herbs.


Ignar: Ignar is a mountain tribe comprised of miners and metallurgist (Primarily Blackmiths, but Tinsmiths, Goldsmiths and Coppersmiths are common as well). Of all the tribes they are most likely to have metal beads among their tribal beads.


Clovis: Clovis live in the fields and plains and are primarily sheppards and herdsmen.  They are especially fond of goats and may still have one or two goats on their farms even if they primarily make a living from raising sheep, pigs or cattle.


Brotherhood of Nahyar: The Brotherhood of Nahyar is an especially combative tribe that is known for raiding neighboring tribes and espousing more militaristic values than the other Tribes of Barlethan.  Many members of this tribe use their 7 year journeys to hire themselves out as mercenaries.


Sisters of the Moon’s Splendor: This tribe is unique from among all of the other tribes of Barlethan in that it is comprised entirely of female-identifying members.  Naturally this makes them the best farmers of the Janus plant in all of Sha’uru, as they use the Potion of Sunrise and Sunset to ensure the continuation of their tribe. The only males that live within their tribal lands are children who are encouraged to take their 7 year journey as soon as they become sixteen years of age.  After their 7 year journey, males who were born to this tribe must make the choice to either marry into another tribe or to rejoin the tribe as a sister through the use of the Potion.


World Map – The Lands of the Nisse

Good afternoon, Nisse, Duren, Goblins and Humans of all ages!!

In today’s post we will be expanding the old world map to give people a better idea of the lands of the Nisse.  For those of you who may have missed our previous posts on the subject here is what the continents of Lerna and Calydon look like without any of the political borders.


And here is the map of the Confederacy of Allied Republics (which essentially takes up the entire continent of Lerna).


So now we move to the south west of Calydon to show you the lands of the Nisse.

Some of the cities listed on this map we have not had a chance to talk about (Mostly those of the Afsla Nisse), but to any of you who caught the Vand Nisse or the Slagte Nisse cultural packets, you will note the location of some of the cities listed therein.  Please note, this is not an in game map, there are cities which are listed on here to give the players an idea of where these places are.  Two of the cities listed in the lands of the Slagte Nisse are not public knowledge, even to other Nisse.


Also a little bit more on the Forbund Af Nisse.  This is the overall governing body of the Nisse people as a whole that deals with the other nations of the world.  We covered that in a previous post as well, but Forbund Af Nisse is also a large city state.  Similar to Washington DC or Rome, it is its own sovereign entity within the lands of the NIsse.