Zlatoust, Artifice and Avarice

Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Ladies and Sentient Creatures,

Today we continue with our Confederacy of Allied Republics series with the last of the eastern Republics, Zlatoust.

Republic Name: Zlatoust

Capital City: Kurgan

Cities of Note: Murmansk, Grozny

Major Commerce: Artifice, Manufacturing (Aetheric)

Minor Commerce: Mining, Fishing

Description:  The denizens of Zlatoust are regarded as the most dour and serious people in the entire Confederacy.  The republic was founded by humans who claimed to be descended from first human magi, taught by the Afla Nisse in times immemorial.  Discipline, secrecy and calculating logic are cultural traits for the Zlatoustian people, espoused as helping to shape their minds so that they may hone their craft.  Even the art, literature and theater of Zlatoust tends to be dark and dour in nature, dealing with themes of death, loss and depression.  So it comes as no surprise that Zlatoust has developed a reputation as a home to dark and evil occultists, despite a complete lack of proof.  Likely this reputation is born of jealousy; as Zlatoustian hedgemages produce the finest magical artifacts in the Confederacy, second only to the Afla Nisse themselves.  

The hedgemages and scientists of Zlatoust are also the best academics of Aetheric Sciences in the world, with the city of Grozny being the largest producer of Aetheric Stabilizers and Aetheric Disruptors.  The Groznian Crystal Farms, deep within an expansive series of caverns are one of the few magical places in the old world that still hold some of the wonder and beauty that they did in times immemorial.  

The Black Spire of Murmasnk on the northern coast is a school of occult learning that models itself as a reflection of the Collegia Hermetica, in fact many of its most famous students end up joining the ranks of the Hermetics.  The Arch Magus Dimitri-Donovan Zima has been the governor of Zlatoust for the last 15 years, ruling from the Governor’s Keep in Kurgan.  He is one of the few Hermetics that is regularly seen outside of the tower.

Republic Spotlight: Remsford

Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we continue our republic spotlight series with the biggest, little republic in the Confederation of Allied Republics.  Today we talk about Remsford.

Republic Name: Remsford

Capital City: Cardiff

Cities of Note: Newport, Bangor

Major Commerce: Manufacturing, Mining

Minor Commerce: Shipping, Fishing.

Description: The republic of Remsford is the smallest in the Confederacy, as well as the most contentious.  In the early days of the empire it was a known refuge for pirates, outlaws and ne’er do wells that were escaping justice from the imperial capital.  The lands were nominally considered part of Chester until the start of the Orc Wars.  At that time, the emperor granted an infamous outlaw known as Remsford the Black sovereignty over the area and the title of Baron in exchange for uniting the people to assist in the war effort.  Remsford the Black renamed himself Baron Jonas-Corey Remsford and began a five year long press gang campaign in order to bolster the Imperial Army known at the time of the Black Hand.  The people of Remsford were now considered citizens of the empire, so Baron Remsford could not simply slaughter those who refused to sign up.  However he did have the power to levy and collect taxes for the Imperial Crown. He raised taxes to an exorbitant rate and gave those who could no longer pay a simple choice, enlist or suffer the penalty for tax evasion.  Those who refused to enlist had every bone in their right hand pulverized via maul and released.  The injury was grievous enough that most were crippled for life with a mangle hand, assuming they didn’t lose the appendage outright.  Ever since then Remsford has had quite the history of political upheaval  that has carried on to this day both within the Republic itself and those just outside of it.  To the East and Southeast of Remsford is the Gulf of Sidra which shares most of its coastline with the Goblin state of Pocheoa.  To the Southwest are the Grayscale mountains which demark the eastern border of the Forged Kingdom.  Having to contend with the Dur for mining rights, the goblins for fishing rights, and the descendants of their oppressors to the north has made the people of Remsford surly, contrary and pragmatic.  With modern times the labor force of Remsford has shifted away from farming and fishing towards manufacturing, as it is simply easier than attempting to eek out a living from the rocky terrain.  Labor Unions and political parties replaced the pirate crews and robber bands of the olden days, and the people became extremely proud of their labor and goods.  The republic capital of Cardiff is on the southern coast, as far from Chester as physically possible.  It is built on the ruins of Remsford the Black’s old pirate hideout.  To the north is the main shipping hub of Newport, controlling the southern half of the Eastern Blackwater Strait.  Bangor is the largest mining town in Remsford, located at the very center of the Greyscale mountains to the southwest.  The highest peak of the Greyscale mountains within Remsford’s borders is found there, and although it’s official name is Tobehn’s Point, the locals refer to it as the Point of Contention, as the mining rights deep within the mountain are constantly being contested by the Vuono Dur.