Found Skills Part 2

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Earlier in the year we made a post about character progression beyond the basic classes and general skill list.  If you weren’t around then and want to take a read you can find the post here or here:

Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Gentlemen and Ladies, Today’s post is going to be about hidden skills, aka found…

Posted by Aurum Larp on Thursday, June 8, 2017


Today’s post is going to continue by giving you another taste.  We’ve decided give you all a peek at some (not all) of the found skills that can be learned.  We will not be revealing HOW you can achieve them, but we felt that if you get a general sense of some of the things you can achieve, then perhaps it may inspire some new character goals for you folks.  So take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.



Skill Name: Fiddle and Tinker Pre-requisites: ?????????????????
AP Cost: Permanent Skill XP Cost: 3
Description: As per Aetheric Tampering, only with Physics devices.  May not be used on Physics devices that do not have a listed duration.


Skill Name: Physician’s Call Pre-requisites: ???????????????
AP Cost: 2 XP Cost: 1
Description: Target an injured character within earshot.  So long as you continue to encourage and call out to the character they may move toward you nofaster than a jogging pace instead of a heel to toe/crawl pace.


Skill Name: Inspire Pre-requisites: ???????????
AP Cost: 2 XP Cost: 1
Description: After 5 seconds of roleplay give your target 3 temporary Action Points for 1 encounter. You may not target yourself and you may not target another with this skill more than once per encounter.


Skill Name: Gagging Strike Pre-requisites: ??????????????
AP Cost: 1 XP Cost: 3
Description: The target is silenced and unable to talk for 1 minute.  Reminder: Speech is required for all Occult ritual casting, activating the charm skill, and other similar oratory hidden skill.

The Bloodless War of House Ayanz

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Today’s post is a little bit of Oranous Dur Lore to whet your appetite, and also give you a sense of how recent the Oranous are as a sovereign people.

The Bloodless War

The Oranous Dur have existed as their own culture for only 68 years, prior to that all of the great houses of The Oranous Dur claimed membership in the nation of the Vuono Dur.  Their separation and insistence on being their own sovereign nation within the Forged Kingdom  came as part of the Bloodless War of 1799.  The Bloodless War was so named because it was fought fiscally rather than physically.  It was started by house Ayanz and some of its lesser allies, who had grown tired of the heavy taxes levied on steam technology and aurum ore.  Many of those supporting the cause of house Ayanz began to remove the heavy metal adornments of their beards and replacing them with feathers instead, to symbolize the removal of a great burden for a symbol of freedom.  The year long period of boycotts, company espionage, and raucous pub crawl protests eventually lead to the signing of the Brass Accord between the Oranous, Vrachos and Vuono leadership.  

Though the Oranous are the more brash and hasty of the Durish people, the seeds of discontent that lead to the Bloodless War were sewn over 200 years prior, with the invention of the very first steam powered machine in 1606.  Jethro of house Ayanz invented a machine that used steam in order to pump water from underground lakes and rivers throughout Mount Grausaule.  

The technology was quickly developed to pump water for mining purposes, which catapulted Ayanz and its allied houses into prominence.  Over the course of the next 190 years, the technology was refined by house Ayanz with the invention of the steam locomotive engine in 1781 and the first sky ship in 1796.  This progress came with a price, which was the ire of both the older Vuono Noble houses and the Vand Nisse shipping conglomerates.  

The Tribes of Barlethan Style Guide

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First, we want to quickly thank everyone who showed up to Metatopia for our final Beta test.  The data we gathered was pretty helpful and we look forward to putting it to good use.  Additionally, in to service members of the community that require accessibility accommodations, we have added the email to our site.  Should you have additional questions, suggestions or needs regarding accessibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


For today’s post I’ve decided to scrounge up some imagery on the internet in order to better portray some examples of costuming for the Tribes of Barlethan.  The different communities that claim membership within Barlethan vary from region to region.  The two things that unify them all is that their community at large shuns city life and high steam technology.  They prefer to live in the vast rural places of the northern continent using simple mechanical tools that allow them to work the land.  They are also masters of alchemy, as this is the highest expression of using the bounty of nature in order to produce wondrous effects.  Beyond that, individual member cultures vary vastly in style and dress.  Some prefer to wear only furs and leathers, while others prefer hand woven cotton and muslin.  The beads that denote their tribe of origin is the one universal they all have in common (though that could also vary in design and color),  Below are some examples, I hope they inspire you to play a Barlethan at our game.

The Wayfaring Seekers

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In today’s lore drop we are going to start talking about the Wayfaring Seekers. We’ve had quite a fair amount of information about some of the Republics in the human lands, but we haven’t talked about the humans with no homeland, or more accurately, all of Sha’uru is their homeland.  The Wayfaring Seekers have been around for a little over sixty years, but their free style of living and wanderlust has been infectious throughout the lands of the Republics.  The movement was founded by Matt Starling, a charismatic young occultist who was sick of everyone accepting the decline of the magical arts.  Born Peter-Loras Vodelair to a wealthy Occitane family, Matt forsook both his inheritance and his former name on the evening of his eighteenth name day to make his own way in the world.  He held to the belief that the decline of magic could be restored through the use of an artifact known as “The Keystone” that was rumored to have existed in ancient Sha’uru.  As he wandered the world, he inspired others to join him in his quest, and over the course of twenty years his views had caught on throughout the Republic to the point that many politicians began branding Seekers as vagabonds that sought to corrupt the minds of impressionable youths.  In the summer of 1824, a group of constables attempted to bar Starling and his followers from entering into Brighton.  The summer had been particularly hot, and the band had camped along the Agrinion River just outside the city while a few of them attempted to enter the Brighton seeking supplies. A combination of the head and political upheaval riled up by the aristocracy against the wayfarers had stirred the people to the point that the authorities feared what would happen should Starling and his people enter Brighton.  This angered some of Starling’s band and things turned violent.  Starling himself attempted to calm everyone down, but an unknown assailant threw a rock at his head, triggering a full scale riot.  Starling knew that eventually the city folk would come for the rest of his people, so he attempted to make his way to the camp to warn the rest, but was shot near the banks of the Agrinion River before he could reach the camp.  The death of Matt Starling and ensuing riots unified the Wayfaring Seekers in a sobering way.  They realized that if their movement was to survive, they needed to have friends and allies and foster a message of peace and friendship.  The Seekers began to develop trade routes and connecting caravans as a way to both foster allies and set a network of informants across Sha’uru, should any news of The Keystone arise.  In honor of Starling’s death, the practice of tattooing themselves with a compass rose became universal amongst the Wayfaring Seekers.  Forty four years after the death of Matt Starling, the Wayfarer’s numbers have grown considerably, and they can be found traveling throughout world.