Rules: Math Changes

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It has been quite some time since we’ve posted any rules things on the site, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been tweaking our rules where it needed. Thanks to player feedback from all the playtests we’ve been making additions to our Beta rulebook which should go live in November. In the meantime here is a preview of some skills that we’ve added to Mathematics in the Science section. These skills are in addition to those that already exist. We’ve also changed Exponential Application in rank 4 Practice. Take a look:

Math – Theory III

Mathematical Micromanagement – When crafting or assisting in the crafting of a recipe that is using salvage to replace generic components, the character may convert the salvage at a ratio of 3 for 2 instead of 2 for 1.

Math – Theory IV

Game Theory – the mathematician gains tactical insight into predicting the moves of his opponents. The character may defend against attacks as if they possessed the Dodge skill. Game Theory requires two action points to activate.

Math – Practice I

Mathematical Reclamation – Spend 15 seconds of roleplay to attempt to scrap a destroyed scientific device and gain a single salvage component. This skill may only be used on objects that are beyond repair and may only be used once ever per object. Scientific devices are any objects that are specifically crafted using scientific schematics.

Math – Practice II

Cryptography – This skill may be used to either decode or encode a message with a cypher by spending 30 seconds of roleplay per complete sentence that is encoded or decoded.

Math – Practice III

Mathematical Reclamation II – Spend 15 seconds of roleplay to attempt to scrap a destroyed scientific device and gain two salvage components. This skill may only be used on objects that are beyond repair and may only be used once ever per object. Scientific devices are any objects that are specifically crafted using scientific schematics

Math – Practice IV

Exponential Application – When crafting, triple the generic components and increase the Crafting time by one interval of any rank 3 or lower Scientific recipe to double the yield of the recipe. The character may use this skill to assist others in doubling their crafting yield, so long as both players roleplay collaborating in the crafting. This skill may not be used with Poisons, Alchemy or Occult.

Calculating Aim – The character may spend 3 AP to automatically hit a target with a Firearm or Ranged weapon within 30 feet.

Occitane Republic

Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we will take a look at the home of the Occitane Gazzette!

Republic Name: Occitane
Capital City: Herault
Cities of Note: Montpellier, Bordeaux
Major Commerce: Distillery (Wine, Spirits, and Alchemical Components), Publishing
Minor Commerce: Fishing, Mills (Wheat and Paper)

Description: If Chester is the Jewel of the Confederacy of Allied Republics, Occitanie is the jeweler that gives that gem form. Where as Chester is the leader in Science and Technology, Occitane is the leader of Arts and Philosophy. It began with the invention of the printing press by a commoner, Jacques Germain during the height of Silverthorn Empire in the year 1440. Jacques changed the written word from his small shop in what is now downtown Herault, and since then Occitane has been the center of art and learning for the written word. The greatest journalists and poets of human history hail from Montpellier and Herault. Occitane is also the home to many liberal arts colleges and universities, the greatest of which is the Rose Citadel in Bordeaux. Occitane would likely be the strongest and most powerful Republic if not for it’s long standing uneasy relations with Blackwater. Occitane, along with the republic of Kuanas are separated from the rest of the Republics by wild land and the Blackwater Sea. The Republic of Blackwater has taken advantage of this by levying heavy taxes and tolls on goods coming from and going to the west. Occitane, in turn, has done its part to smear Blackwater in print, though sometimes unfairly. Since the unification of the Empire into the Republics it has often been these two Republics that find themselves butting heads in Parliament. Though the wine in Occitane is not as delectable as that of Segobriga, Occitane whiskey and brandy is second to none.


Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we continue to provide more lore content for the Confederacy of Allied Republics. So let’s talk Segobriga:

Republic Name: Segobriga
Capital City:Leon
Cities of Note:Malaga, Bilbao
Major Commerce: Produce, Distillery (Wine, Oil, and Alchemical Components)
Minor Commerce: Oil, Textile

Description: The people of the Republic of Segobriga are renowned for their love of wine, dance and sport. Segobrigans are as likely to join into a melee as they are to break into song. This free-wheeling attitude could be attributed to being one of the few Republics that can flout the stranglehold that the Republic Blackwater has on the western strait, as they have easy access to the northern ocean and the Blackwater sea. Fruits from Segobrigan orchards are shipped all over the known world, with Segobrigan Oranges and Olives regarded as the best in the world.

Life for the Segobrigan peasantry is hard, as most commoners spend their days laboring for the Dons, Segobrigan landlords and nobles who profit from the labor of their servants. The DePaloma family, owners of the largest number of Olive orchards in Segobriga, is also the most politically connected. The patriarch of the family, Don Alberto-Jose DePaloma represents Segobriga in the Republic Parliament and is widely regarded as a devout follower of the Herald of the Sun. His son, Don Adrian-Carlos DePaloma is governor of Segobriga and has a reputation as a hedonist. The ancient practice of honor duels is still legal in Segobriga, and it is not uncommon for Segobrigans to challenge others to a fist fight or a sword fight to protect their honor against any perceived slight.


Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures,

Today we continue with our 13 part series into the Republics of the Human lands.

Republic Name: Askersund
Capital City: Rogaland
Cities of Note: Telemark, Alesund
Major Commerce: Oil, Fishing
Minor Commerce: Textiles, Mining (Minerals)

Description: To the far north of continent of Lerna is Askersund. The rough mountains and cold climate have bread a hearty and hard drinking people in this republic. They do a brisk trade in fishing, especially in whaling, as the blubber of whales has a great many uses. The mountains of Askersund are home to a great many creature, and some of the finest furs in the Sha’uru come out of the tanneries of Alesund. The northern most port city of Rogaland also serves as the capital to this republic. Askersund is Governed by Lord Igor-Nikolay Kuznetsov, though rumor has it that his husband, Lord Matvei-Konstantine Kuznetsov, may be the true ruler of Askersund. Matvei-Konstantine owns the largest fish cannery interest in all of Sha’uru and controls a good deal of the ports from Rogaland in the north west to Telemark in the north east. Kuznetstov canned tuna and salmon is traded as far south as the Vand Nisse lands in the southern continent of Calydon. Crude Oil is the second largest export of Askersund, and it is the main trade of the city of Telemark.

One-Death System

Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Sentient Creatures, and Ladies,

For today’s post we are going to be addressing the topic of how we handle the one death system in Aurum and how it pertains to PVP. The goal of our game, as always, is to create an immersive, story driven experience for all, and that includes when character’s die. We want to make sure that the end of a character is a satisfactory experience that enhances the narrative of the game and drives things forward. When a character reaches the comatose stage of their death count and it is evident that help is not on the way, a plot marshal may approach the player and ask them if they want to retire their character. If the player agrees and hands over their character card, the plot marshal will contrive an extenuating circumstance that allows the character’s death to be crucial to the success of the rest of the game. The nature of this may vary, but examples include waking up from a coma to deal a killing shot on a major plot villain, waking up from a coma and dragging themselves back to town to deliver pertinent and crucial information before they should die, diving in the way of danger to save everyone else with their last breath, etc. This is our intent in how to handle permanent player death when it comes to interacting with plot within our game world.

But what happens when players decide to engage each other in deadly combat? What happens when players decide to plot against and execute a murder of a different player? We do not outright ban this behavior, but it should be noted that murder is illegal in the game world and that both magic and science exist in our world. But even with these tools it is possible for a player to “get away” with murder. So how do we handle the epic ending for the murdered character in a fair and balanced way? As explained earlier, the epic ending for player characters is handled by plot in a game world where the supernatural is not only real, but there’s an entire branch of science that deals with supernatural and spiritual phenomenon. It is entirely possible for the slain PC to come back and haunt his killer, or for the trauma of the slain character to be so great that it creates an Aetheric being or curse. The exact nature of this is ultimately up to plot and the circumstances of the character’s death. We feel that having a system like this will discourage indiscriminate massacres, but still provide a fun narrative for players that wish to engage in PVP or play characters with a darker moral compass. So what do you folks think? Please tell us below in the comments.


Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Sentient Creatures and Ladies,

Today we are going to take yet another look at one of the 13 Republics, Greisslund (pronounced Gro-ice-luund).
Republic Name: Greisslund
Capital City: Ingolstadt
Cities of Note: Aschaffenburg, Rorsenheim
Major Commerce: Metal Refinery, Manufacturing
Minor Commerce: Chemicals, Artifice

Description: Greisslund is located to the west of Chester on the eastern side of the Blackwater sea. It is located on the north shore of the Parma strait and is separated from Chester by a large swath of wild lands. Greisslund has a varied landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and Sorth Sea beaches. It has deep history and is the second oldest of the republics. Ingolstadt, its capital, is home to art and nightlife scenes. Aschaffenburg, it’s second largest city on the north end of the Republic, is home to renowned physicist Dr. Eddard-Ludwig Von Isenbart and the Republic Institute of Physical Sciences. The mountains of Greisslund are very rich in ore and the republic is known for its high quality metal products. The people of Greisslund are known for being very organized and disciplined, which is reflected by how highly bureaucratic the republic is as a whole. Merchants transporting goods into Greisslund often find it more cost effective to bribe local officials rather than to spend the time filling out the various forms and carrying the appropriate permits to do business.

Blackwater Republic

Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are going to take another quick look at one of the 13 Republics, Blackwater.

Republic Name: Blackwater
Capital City: Newcastle-upon-Blackwater
Cities of Note: Gateshead, Salford
Major Commerce: Shipping
Minor Commerce: Chemicals, Fishing

Description: Blackwater is the only Republic that spans the two continents of Lerna and Calydon. The capital city of Newcastle-upon-Blackwater is built on both ends of the Blackwater strait, that connects the Blackwater Sea to the Western Ocean. The Greystone Bridge is one of the greatest achievements of ancient Imperial engineering, and it is what has allowed Blackwater to grow rich on tolls both overland and via the sea. All mercantile sea traffic from the west must pass through the Blackwater Sea in order to reach the Eastern Ocean. Goods traveling to and from the Elven and Dwarven settlements via land from the western Republics must also pass through the Greystone Bridge. As the Republic occupies the land directly east and west of the strait for several hundred miles they have grown rich on the tolls and levies, as well as offering their shipping and ferry services. This has garnered humans from Blackwater a tarnished reputation among the Vand Nisse and Vuono Dur, as well as other humans from Occitaine, Kuanas and the western Barlethans.