Tribes of Barlethan

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Today’s post will be about the Tribes of Barlethan. As a reminder here’s a snippet from the rulebook:

They were a political movement that began in the smallest of the 13 Republics, Barlethan, at the start of the discovery of Aurum and the development of Dwarven Steam Technology and Aetheric Science.


In most fantasy settings the word tribe evokes images of a primitive people, but that’s not the case here. Though some of the member societies that are part of the Republic of Barlethan live in remote areas of the world, most do so to remove themselves from larger societies of the world and keeping their lands pure from the ravages of industry. This doesn’t mean that they don’t use any technology, but rather that they prefer simple tools and working with their hands over complex machines. They dress simply in clothes that are more suitable for farm life, lacking the finery of people in the cities. The tribes recognize that unity in their beliefs is important to their society, so when their members come of age they are given the option of traveling the world for 7 years and experiencing everything it has to offer, before returning as a full adult in their society. Those who take this option, bear the beads that mark their individual society as they travel.


The city state of Barlethan knew that as the Republics were being formed, without representation in the Republican Parliament, their ways could be threatened. They reached out to communities like them, forming the tribal council that represents their interest in the human government. The individual societies elect their council representative, and this council elects their spokesperson to the Republic Parliament. Paradoxically, this made Barlethan​ one of the most influential republics, as it covers a large land mass and collectively the largest population of all of the republics.

Afsla Nisse (Arcane Elves)

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Keeping on the PC Lore train, today we’ll be discussing the Afsla Nisse. So first, let’s rehash the bit that’s already in the rulebook:

The Afsla Nisse are the oldest of the elven races. Their high art is also one of the oldest in the world. The Afsla Nisse believe magic is the true art. As such, occult study, arcane practice and recovering forgotten arcane knowledge is all within the purview of their high art.


So with the above in mind, this means that the Afsla Nisse communities are some of the richest and most beautiful in the world. These cities, built with spells as much as with brick and mortar, are a marvel to the eyes of the other denizens of Sha’uru. Many of the finest Arcane libraries outside of the Collegia Hermetica are found in the institutes and manors of the Afsla Nisse. Similarly to the Imperial ruling class in human society, the Afsla Nisse are seen as arrogant and overly proper by their Slagte and Vand Nisse cousins. This stereotype is reinforced by the Afsla Nisse apathy towards this perception. “What does it matter what other people think of us?” they say, “There are matters of far greater importance in the world, like the Arcane Crisis.” The diminishing of magical forces throughout the world is a very real thing, and it is one that has driven many Afsla Nisse to explore the world in search for new leylines and forgotten lore, in the hopes that something out there will help to alleviate the issue. When your whole society is built around the reverence of a real force that is in severe decline, it tends to shape priorities in ways that may not align with outsiders.


The Occult is not just found in the libraries and architecture of Afsla culture, it is also born upon their person. The arcane sigils tattooed onto their faces are part of a coming of age ritual in Afsla Nisse culture. They are a clear sign that the person has achieved an understanding and commitment to the Arcane. Those who fail to share these views are shunned before they are granted the markings. In fact a good deal of the Huss Nisse are numbered from Afsla Nisse who have accepted that magic will just die and science is our only savior.

Vrachos Dur (Deep Dwarves)

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The people have spoken, requesting more information on the playable character races of Aurum.


Today we are going to talk a little bit more about Vrachos Dur, colloquially known as Deep Dwarves. The Vrachos cities all lie deep beneath the major Vuono Dur cities. Some smaller trade communities also exist in caves at the edges of mountain ranges and near major mountain passess. These account for about half of the Vrachos Dur settlements in the world, the other half have no direct link to the surface and are instead connected by the Asyníthistoi Drómoi, the Sunless Roads, a system of natural and Dur built tunnels that connect the Vrachos communities, mines and underground fungi farms to each other. The Vrachos claim that the older and deeper Asyníthistoi Drómoi are plagued by ancient monsters that rise up from deep below the earth, and if not for them maintaining their sacred duty to guard these paths, the rest of the world would have to deal with the horrors they keep at bay. The other races are skeptical of these claims, partially because Vrachos tend to be xenophobic and rarely allow outsiders, including other Dur, to make frequent use of the Sunless Roads. 

Vrachos cannot completely cut themselves off from the rest of the world, however, as they are dependent on trade. They are keenly aware of how dependent they are on trade for food, and it is this dependency mixed with their general distrust of surface dwellers that accounts for a good deal of Vrachos Dur being active on the surface. In fact, many Vrachos are taught Poison lore from a young age simply from the paranoia that the surface dwellers may attempt to trade them tainted food. Having to navigate their underground world and be constantly vigilant for threats (perceived or real) has made them naturally good at tracking and fighting in absolute darkness.

Public Warning: Orcs!

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Today’s post is Orcs and You!


I wanted to take some time to give people a sense as to how they should react to Orcs in Aurum. For those who may have missed it in the previous post, Orcs have been extinct in the old world for a few hundred years, so with the exception of some very old Dwarves and Elves, not many people alive have seen an Orc in the flesh. Unless, of course, you are one of the few exploratory scouts that has had run ins with Orcs in Antioch. The knowledge of Orcs possessed by most civilized people is gleaned from books and drawings. It would be the current day equivalent of seeing a Dodo bird in the flesh. Most people just know that a Dodo is a bird that died off. They may know some stories about the bird being stupid and having a large hooked beak. Without googling or looking it up in a book, how much else do you know about the Dodo bird? (I didn’t know that they could only lay a single egg at a time until I looked up Dodo bird facts). In the same vein, not much else is known about Orcs except the stories of the savage brutes that are very hard to kill and not terribly smart.


Orc costuming for Aurum is green facepaint with red around the eyes.

Homunculi Paperwork and Ownership

Good Afternoon Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope you’ve been enjoying our posts on classes lately. For today’s post we want to remind folks that we will be showing up to Lunacon this Sunday at noon and running a module for the convention attendees there. Also we wanted to share an image with you.


As some of you may or may not know, Homonculi characters are required to have an owner, whether that owner is a PC or an NPC. We wanted to share with you a sample copy of the certificate that all Homonculi players and their owners are required to carry on their persons as proof of ownership. Hope you guys get a kick out of it.


Class Discussion: Entrepreneur & Hedgemage

Good afternoon Gentlemen, Ladies and Sentient Creatures. Today we’ll round out our discussion of the classes by talking about Hedgemage and Entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs are one of the easiest classes to see how they fit into the game. They can be from any walk of life and any concept, including many of the ones we’ve discussed in previous post. By design, they are meant to be a spread of different type of skills that covers a wide berth of character concepts. Whether you‘re a Cabaret Singer, a Politician, a Brewer, a Street Hustler, a Professional Actor/Actress, a Legitimate Business owner, a “Legitimate” Business owner, or a street urchin, this class will have just the right mix of skills to make this happen.


Magic has been on a long, steady decline in the world of Sha’uru. The few who can call themselves Magi are few in numbered and controlled by the Collegia Hermetica. Children can be taught to paint, but their skill and talent is leagues away from that of a true master. This is where Hedgemages fall into place within the art of the Occult. Hedge Magi are people who have come across occult lore, either through self teaching or cultural knowledge, and have opted to apply it to their daily lives. Alchemical Recipes and Occult Rituals are the mechanical bread and butter for this class, but in terms of the game world, anyone from any walk of life could be a Hedge Mage. A con artist using magic as an edge to pick off their mark, the proprietor of a rare herb shop who also sells alchemical potions, the local policeman who uses magic to further enhance their investigative skills; these are all viable Hedge Mage concepts in Aurum. Hedge Magi do not necessarily run around in robes, carrying staves and donning pointy hats (though some eccentric traditionalists could). Although nothing is stopping Hedge Mages from letting others know what they are capable of, with the Collegia Hermetica constantly on the lookout for “recruits”, sometimes it’s best not to keep your skills private.

That’s it for today’s post. If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment below.

At-Event Registration News

Cool News!

As of this moment, we’ll be able to take credit cards at events- swipe only though, no chip cards (sorry! working on that). We’ll still want you to pre-reg for stuff (it’ll save you money! Do eet when the time comes) but if that’s just not an option, you may not hafta worry about stopping somewhere, getting cash, and then coming to camp. Yee!