Class Discussion: Engineer & Scientist

Good afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures. Today we’ll pick up where we left of on Tuesday and continue our discussion of the classes and how they fit into the game world. Today’s focus will be on the two primary crafting classes in our game, Scientists and Engineers.


Some big themes in the Steampunk and Gaslight Fantasy genres are Scientific Innovation and Discovery. This is why from a mechanical standpoint there’s a lot of overlap with the two classes at low┬álevel and the base rank of all sciences is on the general list, we want to provide a wide range of players the opportunity to feel like they can create and add to the game, even at a basic level. Scientists and Engineers are at the ones on the cutting edge of invention, but they approach it from very different standpoints.

Engineers are motivated by putting science to use. Pushing the boundaries of science is all well and good, but putting innovation into the hands of the masses is how the world is brought into a new age of enlightenment. Engineers build, mix, and tinker with whatever fuels their passion. Engineer characters tend to towards professions that you would expect them to be, Chemical Lab Technicians, Engine Mechanics and Heavy Equipment Operators. But they can also be people who came to science from a different angle, such as EMT’s, Clockwork Hobbyists and Illicit Drug Dealers.


Scientists approach things for a different angle. Yes, bringing knowledge to the masses is noble, and education is certainly something they encourage. But rather than focusing on making things, they excel at understanding the universe at a core level. Breaking it down and pushing theoretical study and analysis to its limits. By gaining true understanding of the building blocks of the universe, they can push science forward and improve the world with their discoveries. Just like with Engineers, Scientists fall into backgrounds you’d expect, Doctors, University Professors, , Chemist and Physicist. But they can also be Scientifically Minded Nobility, Curious Clergymen, and Lawyers looking to lock down a patent.

Class Discussion: Explorer & Mercenary

Good afternoon Sentient Creatures, Ladies and Gentlemen. Today is the first in a three post series dealing with classes in Aurum. Based on a recent post I saw that some of you had interest in how the classes fit into the game world itself. The quick answer is that classes are more akin to character background and natural talent than they are an actual profession or calling. It is possible that your character concept is “Short Order Cook” but your class is Mercenary, or that your concept is “Politician” but your class is Hedge Mage. Even so, since it is something that people want to get a better sense of, I’m going to put up some posts describing each class and backgrounds that sort of fit that. Today we’ll be talking about Mercenary and Explorers.


Mechanically, the classes have a lot of overlap in skills, as both are fighter type classes. But where the Explorer excels at utility and dealing out damage, the mercenary excels taking punishment and defending others.


In game terms, Mercenaries are people who have strong martial backgrounds. Whether that’s actual military training or you grew up being a tough street thug, it’s up to you. The key being that you are naturally good at controlling your opponent in a fight and being able to deal with being attacked better than others. Whether that’s because you are tough enough to take a whole lot of punishment, or skilled enough to deflect or avoid attacks it’s up to you. Mercenaries are people who have joined the expedition either because they have the training to be good in a fight or because they feel that this is actually less fighting than they are accustomed to and they wish to start fresh. Some sample Mercenary concepts are “Noble Military Officer”, “Street Fighter”, “Hired Security”, “Body Guard”, and “Professional Jouster”.



Explorers also have strong martial skills, but they are far less concerned with defending others, and far more concerned with just getting a fight over with if it gets to that point. Most explorers are sought after not because they can handle themselves in a fight, but because they are also excellent at tracking people down, setting up ambushes, and disabling traps. Explorer concepts are for people with more of an adventurous mindset than their hardened Mercenary counterparts. Some sample Mercenary concepts are “Jungle Guide”, “Pirate”, “Treasure Hunter”, “Private Investigator” and “Hired Assassin”.